Center for Trustworthy Technology

Meet The Young Professionals

Kyle DiPietrantonio

Fullbright Scholar for Education and Development

Molly Ogogo

Intl and Sustainable Development PhD Student

Philipp Erbach

Agriculture Specialist

Julien Bazile

Global Supply Chain Specialist

Joshua Karres

Public Health Specialist, 3rd Year PhD Student

01 Linda Gicholi

Digital Rights Enthusiast and Data Protection Specialist

Victoria Smith Lind

Internatonal Law Specialist

Diana Kuznetova

Political Science Student at the University of Zurich

10 Veronica Diaz

Research analyst at the Human Development Division of World Bank for Latin America

Amantha Wijesekera

Operations Team at Energy Aware, Solar Systems Specialist.

Muhammad Anas Azam Bhatti

Package Consultant, IBM

13 Divya Singh

Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgeon with Interests in Breast, Endocrine Surgery and Surgical Oncology Specialities

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